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Portfolio tracking
Smart trade
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HXR has professional trading tools and integrated trading signals to help you make better and more informed decisions in the market
Asset tracking in one placeCollect all your assets in one portfolio via a security API key connection. HXR doesn’t have access to your exchange account and cannot withdraw your funds
24/7 non-stop tradeBots can help you automate trading, whether eating, sleeping, or vacationing. It never stops
Quick startNo need to learn hard. Create your first bot by copying the presets from other seasoned traders
3 steps to trade automation
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Connect your exchange account via API key
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2022 Q3
Track your exchange assets via API key
Create your DCA bot to make a profit
Copy Bots from other seasoned traders
Analyze your bot trading
2022 Q4
Smart trade: Paired with TradingView indicators to achieve intelligent buying and selling
HXR earn: you can gain profit by subscribing to HXR quant usdt arbitrage strategy
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Create Rebalance bot
Create HODL bot
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